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Deltatre's award-winning, interactive online video player – now available as an SDK ready to integrate with any existing video solution.


Bring your own OVP

Previously, anyone who wanted to take advantage of the incredible front-end functionality of DIVA couldn’t choose their own OVP (Online Video Platform). Well, we’ve fixed that.

Clients can now take advantage of a new SDK that allows operators to integrate all the fan-first functionality from the player – like data synchronization and snap statistics – with any OVP of their choosing. No need to wait until the beginning of your next product lifecycle to get started.

This is available to both new and existing DIVA clients.


Watch Together

Thanks to our partnership with Sceenic, your fans can now watch the event together on web, mobile and tablet.

Invite your friends and family, keep it social and watch the big event together as a virtual group.

Easily share invite links to grow your virtual group.

Connect and watch on your small screen device.

See your group’s reactions to key events and have a virtual conversation as you watch the event together.

Interactive timeline

The interactive timeline is one of the key features for sport discoverability and engagement. Integrating with any live data feed the timeline allows end users to directly access the best moments of any event.

The timeline encourages users to further explore the full stream throughout the event increasing engagement and helping to avoid users leaving the player.


Synchronized data overlays

Fans can explore the data further and dive into the DIVA overlay menu which can show sports data with full video synchronization meaning that fans can relive key moments of the event, dig into the statistics and draw detailed analysis.

The DIVA player supports development of any new overlay – this may include lineups, tactics, top players, team stats, passes, distances, speed, and many others.

Multi-camera viewing

There are some moments that are just *so* good that you can’t help but watch them over and over again.

Multi-cam makes this a reality. Fans can easily pull up an interactive stadium map and re-watch their favorite plays from any angle, including 360°.

Allow your fans to take on the director's seat and offer them the most personalized sports viewing experience.


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