Launch a new end-to-end OTT platform in 90 days 

Introducing a turnkey end-to-end video and application platform that combines the very best fan engagement products and selected partners to get you to market quickly

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Get up-and-running quickly

Maybe you have an idea you want to validate in the market. Or a library of time-sensitive content that needs to be seen. Don't waste time building a solution from scratch. With the platform, you can have a fully-formed OTT service live with customers in under three months. 

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Focus on your strengths

Unlike other end-to-end consortiums that piece together multiple individual vendors, the platform is wholly delivered by Deltatre – front-end and back-end. This means you only have one relationship to manage, freeing you up to focus on what matters. 

Grow your user base

Whether you want to launch an OTT offering in a new country, spin out a micro-service to cater for a specific demographic or otherwise just own the fan relationship, the platform gives you direct access to your audience. 


Operate efficiently

You only need to provide three things to get started – content sources, brand assets, and a preferred monetization model.

We take care of the rest.

Scales with your business

Want to launch a new feature? Drop on a new device? Change the brand? Our Professional Services team is on hand to work with you to evolve the service based on your evolving requirements.


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