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'In The Know'
webinar series


Unpacking the hottest topics in the sports and entertainment industry with the professionals who shape the future of the global fan experience.

After 35 years of witnessing constant evolution in sports and media, we've piled up so much experience we could write a book. We should write a book, actually (*notes down the idea, underlines three times*). But that’s not what we did this year.

This year, we decided to share our knowledge with you by inviting some of our best employees, partners, and clients to discuss the trends that are currently shaping our industry.

From NFTs to AI, from interactive streaming experiences to the future of fan engagement, in this series we cover multiple topics, debunking myths and decrypting acronyms, with the final goal to get you In The Know.

Below you can find the webinars that we’ve run so far with the likes of Major League Soccer, LiveLike, Swiss Football League, and more. We hope you find these useful. In case you’d like to discuss any of the topics we've covered, let’s have a chat.

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